Hello World

June 04, 2020   | 2 min read

I need a space to store observations and knowledge that could refer myself and others to when necessary. This is how the blog was born.


Because if you don’t write it, it will be lost. Talking with paper helps better understand topics you believe are clear, but you don’t actually know very well. And at the end it is a good way to contribute value.

Another React/Javascript Blog?

Using React and Javascript on a daily basis is with no doubt enjoyable process that I never regret about. But like any other programming language it often challenges you with the following:

  • complex, but rarely complicated problems
  • repetitive tasks and activities
  • deep understanding of what’s going on
  • metaphor (mental model) about how things work
  • convey knowledge to others

I want a reference place with solutions/guides. I want examples, easy to digest and on the point. Things in programming are often opaque, so I also want to understand with the help of metaphors.

This is what the blog should be about.


The blog is also dedicated to React, so it’s built on top of Gatsby’s default starter-blog (with some edits) and inspired by Dan Abramov’s overreacted.io.